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Life at Necmettin Erbakan University

The city of Konya, located in the center of Anatolia, has fast, convenient and economical means of intercity transportation due to its geographical location and flat land. There are many possibilities for intercity transportation by high-speed train, plane, bus services.

Konya is one of the most privileged cities of our country in terms of urban transportation opportunities. Some of these privileges are the light rail system, which provides 24-hour service to a large part of the city, the minibus and bus services that provide transportation to every point of the city at any time of the day, and the subscription system that provides economic benefit from these services.

Also known as the student city, Konya has a wide range of accommodation opportunities.

Our dormitory for 1,500 male students and 1,500 female students, belonging to the Credit and Dormitories Institution, located within the Köyceğiz Campus of our University, is perfect in terms of accommodation conditions. In addition to the Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution, there are many private dormitories. Additionally, in terms of housing potential, you have a high chance of finding a suitable house for yourself in Konya.

Konya is an event city. Konya offers numerous opportunities to address your cultural and social needs with its festivals, culture-arts and sports events throughout Turkey and the world.

Our university, which includes the best and most modern faculties of medicine and dentistry in Anatolia, has health services that will make you feel special with its equipment. Your health is valuable. Who wouldn't want a priority and privileged health service?

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We also provide a support for your dreams

Necmettin Erbakan University offers its students scholarship opportunities in many fields. If success is a goal for you, as a university, we support you in every field.

Next Generation Learning Model


NEÜPLUS is the name of a campus within the campus. We have designed an extraordinary learning ecosystem for you to go beyond the boundaries of the program you are studying, to expand your interests, to be together with students from different curricula and different programs, and for your new ideas and projects.

NEP 4.2

NEP 4.2

Necmettin Erbakan University Platform 4.2



Necmettin Erbakan University Social Impact Lighthouse



Necmettin Erbakan University Students Reference and Innovation Solidarity



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We are pleased to introduce you to our mobile application NEÜReyon.

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